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Sarah looked up at the sky and went into a daydream. The clouds were moving fast in one direction. Sarah wished she was up there with the blue sky and clouds.
“Oh I wish I was up there now,” Sarah told herself.
“What?” Mum asked?
Turning around to look at her mum, Sarah wondering how her mum or dad will get her up there.
That night at dinner, dad mentioned the town fair on Saturday. They don’t usually go to the fair, but this time dad said it was for a charity and everyone has to go.
“The fair,” Sarah said with joy.
“Yes,” Dad said with a smile.
“Oh ….. Goody,” Sarah said looking at her mum.
Sue was busy dishing food in their plates for dinner and wasn’t included in the conversation. She finally sat down to put a fork full of food in her mouth, when dad said, “Sue, are you listening?”
Mum looked up from her fork and with a mouth full said, “What?”
Clearing his throat to repeat the conversation he said again, “Saturday the town is having a fair for charity.”
“Oh,” mum said.
“Oh …. Are we going?” Sarah asked with excitement.
“I don’t know,” Mum said.
“I think we should,” Dad said looking from Sarah to Sue.
With her mouth still full, Sue said “Ok.”
‘Yippeeee!” Sarah squealed.
The next Saturday, Sarah hurriedly got dressed and ran down the stairs waiting for her mum and dad at the front door. Driving down the road to the fair Sarah couldn’t wait to get there. People from all over town came and kids where already on the rides.
Sarah grabbed her mums hand and started to run towards a red hot balloon. Looking at it she squealed again.
“Mum, I want to go on there, pleaseeee!” Sarah said with excitement.
“Sarah… It’s going to go up to high,” Mum said.
“Please mum,” Sarah begged.
After a few moments thought Sue said to Sarah, “Ok, but we have to find your father first.”
“Ok,” Sarah said looking around for her dad impatiently.
Far ahead at a stall Sarah saw him. Running over she yelled “Dad, mum and I are going up there,” she said pointing to the Red Hot Balloon.
Looking at Sue running up behind Sarah, dad asked “Is this true?”
“Yes,” Sue said.
“Well, as you can see I can’t go with you,” Dad said.
“Yes .. I know,” Mum said.
Looking at Sarah, mum said they have to get on it before it leaves. Sarah was so exited she was bouncing up and down all the way to the balloon. When they got there, mum had to pay before they got in.
Once in the Red Hot Balloon, Sarah was over the moon. As it started to rise up, the excitement became more intense. Mum was a little scared of heights, but didn’t want Sarah to see how she felt.
“Mum this is great,” Sarah said with the biggest smile on her face.
Hugging Sarah mum said, “I’m glad.”
The flight went for 10 min and they started to descend.
Sarah felt this was the best day of her life going up on a Red Hot Balloon.

Short story about Theo


His name is Theo. Theo is his name.
Where can he be? Under a chair. Under the bed. Oh … I see him. He’s on my bed.
Why is he on my bed?
Mmmmm … Sleeping
Theo, “why are you on my bed?”
“Woof woof,” he barks
“Oh Theo … You making no sense at all.” I say
Wagging his tale, “woof I wuve you woof.” He says
Cuddles all round.