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I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be in a real relationship. What I mean is … To have my best friend beside me and accepts me for who I am. To have a lover who knows me inside and out. To just be together with no pretences … No fear.

In the past years since I can remember I’ve only known the ones who think about themselves. Never giving you a chance. In it for one thing only.

I think back to the one boy I loved when I was 13 in South Africa … I moved here to Australia and never saw him again. He was sweet and maybe would’ve been married if I stayed, but life changes.

I know what you thinking. You hanging out with the wrong people. True but you meet your potential mate through friends and that falls through. You meet them at a bar that falls through. Is it me? Not sure …

The question is … Where are the nice guys? Are they hiding? Why are they hiding?

Come out and share your views. Make me understand that I’m not the only one who feels let down.

I know you’ll say “but it’s girls as well” and I agree but like men we are not all the same. Give us a chance.

Children Story


A while back I made you aware of my first book I wrote.
It’s called “Wishes do come true” … This has been a great story to write.

The cutest thing was that my daughter took it to school. She read it to her friends. What impressed me about her was that on another occasion she had to translate the story into my second language Afrikaans.

With my mums help, she could read it in Afrikaans. Now even though its only in one language at this point I’d like to share it with you.