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Buried Secrets …. a small part from the book


This is a small piece from “Buried Secrets’ ……

He saw three men walking towards him. As they approached he started to move in a different direction. Someone grabbed him from the back yelling for him to get down. He was pushed to the ground with a gun pointed to his head.

One of the men yelled out, “Hey man, we here to get our stuff. Where is it?”

“What stuff?” Shafik asked panicking.

“Don’t play with me man,” the black eyed guy said. The others had knives out swinging it around.

“Look if I knew what you were talking about I’d help you, but as it stands I don’t know anything,” Shafik said nervously.

“Well then, we’ll just have to do the next best thing,” the black eyed guy said looking at his buddies, laughing.

“And what is that?” Shafik asked with his heart beating uncontrollably in his chest.

More pieces to come later ……

Trusting the public


The other day I went to Aldi’s here in Melbourne.  Just wanted to get a few things for the house and dinner.  It is about 2 minutes from home, so my daughter and I decided to walk.  The night was warm and we took Theo our dog.

Anyway, i got the things I needed and went to pay.  For some reason I had my Iphone 5 and wallet and had to pay.  Didn’t realise I left my phone on the counter and walked out.  Got home and asked my daughter “Where’s my phone?” 

We went looking all over the house and nothing.  We decided to go back to Aldi’s and they didn’t see it.

The point I’m trying to make is how society have changed.  I am so disappointed in how people are no longer honest.  I was sad for reasons that my Iphone had everything on it.  From phone no’s to passwords to my short stories that I have written.  These have not even seen the light of day.  

Couldn’t anyone call me from behind and tell me I forgot to take it.

Mmmmm i’m going off the track again …… 

What happened to honesty?  Why are we so engrossed in our own needs that others needs have no significance anymore.  Why there hardly no honesty?

I would like to hear your opinions ……