Monthly Archives: January 2014

Cape Town, South Africa


I have always wondered what it will be like to visit my country of birth again.

The last time I visited Cape Town, South Africa was back in 2000.  Talking to my cousin over there and with my daughter in my ear about going back is giving me the bug to return for at least 5 weeks.  I remember Table Mountain and just sitting outside on the porch looking out at the clouds drifting .  We called it the “table cloth”.  On particular days you knew what the weather would be like for the day.

Unlike Melbourne …. Four seasons on one day.

The question is where do I go first.  When I was there back in 200 with my sister we took it on like tourists.  It was fun and we got lots of compliments about our new accents.  So what do you think my daughter and I should do first?

I know …. Table Mountain.  Take her up with the cable car.  Oh …. no I can’t climb up there.  Mum in her day did with her friends and my dad.  They were adventurous.  Yes … I am, but I’d like to see it the proper way again.

So tell me about your adventures and if you’ve gone back to your native country, tell what your experience was and why you would or wouldn’t go back.




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