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Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

Well I turned 46 last week. I felt a little sad because my sister is in America and I only had my daughter here. I wanted to have my family and friends around.

So last week my neighbour comes over telling me to pick her up from work on the Saturday (22/3/14) and tells me my daughter has a surprise for me.

I picked my neighbour up from work and spent 3 hrs with her. Drinking coffee and having lunch. We talked and had more coffee. We talked and ate. In the meantime my close friend calls telling me she’s coming over to take me out for drinks. Mmmmm, but I’m supposed to be home around 5pm. How’s that going to work?

It got to about 4:30pm when my neighbour finally told me we can go home. Boy was I happy to get home to be told to wait. I got to my front door was told to close my eyes. The smell of good filled my nose … It was quiet though. I was then led out the back and heard “surprise” … I opened my eyes and saw my friends.

My 12 year old daughter arranged my birthday surprise. I was so happy and was smiling, eating and drinking all night.

Have you had someone organise a surprise for you?