Monthly Archives: July 2014

A little Poem


Well I think it is. I thought I’d write something for my future husband … He loves it but not sure.

Thought I’d share it …..

“Love is like breeze
You see it sway through the leaves

My heart beats for you
Making our love last a due

You with your best friend
Hoping love will mend

So here we are happier than ever
So let’s just stay like this forever




It’s my daughters 13th birthday today. She tells me all weekend “mum it’s my birthday Monday, can’t I stay home?”
Ummm … No

After two weeks off .. Don’t think so.

How time flies. I can still remember holding her in my arms and taking her home. 13 years … God I’m getting old lol

Anyway … Just wanted to share



Ghost Tour


Well, we did another Ghost Tour last night. It was for my daughters birthday. It was cold. It rained. The umbrellas came out.

It was fun. The tour guide told my daughter and her two friends to knock on the morgue door and put their heads against the door to see if they can hear anything. Well they did and what happened?

All three of them ran so fast and my poor daughter fell in shock. As they knocked on the door, someone knocked back twice.

The tour guide had these metal rods and in another spot spoke to the spirits to let us know they with us. One lady held it and it moved and showed where they are standing. Suddenly my girlfriend grabs my arm.

So it was a good and fun night.

What did you do on your Saturday night?