Amanda Cozyn is a freelance writer who enjoys the challenges of creativity. She is the author of Wishes Do Come True, (Trafford Publishing, 2006). This book was inspired by her daughter, Alexia.

She has also contributed to short story writing for different competitions and also writing websites. All her writing is fiction and pursing the non-fiction side of writing.

With writing strictly in the non-fiction arena, she has begun her first mystery novel set in and around Cape Town and Cairo, Egypt. The first, Buried Secrets, is complete and has been submitted for publishing.

Her professional career covers 25-plus years in the public and private sectors, having a different mindset of creativity. Amanda Cozyn is a passionate writer and is a reader of crime and mystery novels.

A lover of writing, movies and reading, she maintains a Facebook page to network with her friends, family and readers as Cozy’s Writing Corner and blogs about the profession of writing.

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  1. I just wanted to drop by and say ‘Hi’ and of course, thanks for followoing The Savvy Senorita. I appreciate it! All the best with your writing and your lovely blog also 🙂 Thanks again, Bex

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