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Train Travel


Yesterday morning I was getting into my car and guess what? It wouldn’t start. Urgh the nerve of it. Now I was doing a job on the other side of town. My daughter had to get to school. What now? I think we’ve been spoilt driving everywhere.

I had to run for the train .. 40min run/walk from home. My daughter had to take the bus. Got on the train and it was actually not that bad. People staring at you yes. Some looking grumpy. Some sleeping.

I rang my mechanic and he came to have a look at my car. What’s the problem you ask … The starter motor. Mmmmm I knew that. Lol

But you know what the best thing out of the whole day was ? Walking through the park in the city and stopping to take a few pictures.

What has been your best moment during the day?




Have I disappeared


During the last few months I have been in hyphenation I guess ….. Why you ask?  Well I’m not really sure.

A lot have happened over the last weeks and I’m just getting myself at a stable pace.  Last year I lost my job.  I have started my own training business with the main topic Creative Writing and also started to write again.  So far I have written a few short stories and entered it into a few competitions.

I find that even though I have disappeared I have still been busy doing what I love and I hope you have to.  You see having all of you around to support me in what I do feels great and I appreciate it.  My main aim was twitter

Anyway …… I just wanted to hello and thanks again.  I will be around a lot more now 🙂

What have you been up to?



Waiheke Island – New Zealand


Well as I told you before I’m was off to New Zealand. I’ve never been there, but boy it was gorgeous.

The Island we found had about 8,265 population … 2,000 are kids. The funny thing is we didn’t see the kids for 3 days. Then on the Monday morning I go to my sis, “oh kids!” We all laughed.

The thing about the 5 days was my sisters 50th birthday party when her husband and daughter surprised her. It was like “OMG!” I thought it was so sweet. They came for the one night only all the way from Sydney. We had a 1920’s theme and had a great night.

Now you tell me … What husband would do that? Well … He did 🙂

Tell me what your husband/partner/boyfriend did to surprise you?





Valentines Day


This day of “love” is fast approaching.  What do you have in store for this day?

Well I will be in New Zealand for my sisters 50th birthday.

Let me see ….. Who of you are romantics at heart?  Do you spoil your partner, spending a lot of money for this day?   In my experience I feel that love should be showed everyday and we shouldn’t wait on particular day to show how much we care. 

What is love?  Lots of people don’t really know the meaning of this word.  I was married once and my ex-husband only told me he loved me when he was intoxicated.  Love is understanding each other, respecting each others views and feelings, commitment to the relationship and what it stands for.  It’s about giving and receiving.  Loving with no boundaries and accepting who we are.  When we in that foul mood and they will look at you understanding and still love you with all their heart. 

I hear friends and people talk.  They throw this word around like it’s something with no meaning what so ever.  Who of you have this love I’m talking about?

I found this quote:  The meaning of True Love

The meaning of true love is when you care for your lover’s happiness more than yours, when only he matters in your life and always be there for him.”

This would apply to all of us not just “him” ….. now where do our kids come into this.  It’s the same, right?  We have to love our kids with respect and understanding.  If we don’t they go off the rails and we’ve lost them.

I will be honest with you guys/gals …. I have not found this kind of love in all of my 45 years.  I’m am still waiting and when it comes by god I’ll be ready ……. 🙂










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