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Any comments


I found this picture on my Facebook page. I had to look at it a few times and think about the connection these two people have.

She’d beautiful and I’m always worried how I look. I have to stop eating lol … I have to exercise but I hate it.

I have to loose weight but I’m so so lazy.

Do you like the way you look and would you have a picture taken like this.


A little Poem


Well I think it is. I thought I’d write something for my future husband … He loves it but not sure.

Thought I’d share it …..

“Love is like breeze
You see it sway through the leaves

My heart beats for you
Making our love last a due

You with your best friend
Hoping love will mend

So here we are happier than ever
So let’s just stay like this forever




It’s my daughters 13th birthday today. She tells me all weekend “mum it’s my birthday Monday, can’t I stay home?”
Ummm … No

After two weeks off .. Don’t think so.

How time flies. I can still remember holding her in my arms and taking her home. 13 years … God I’m getting old lol

Anyway … Just wanted to share