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Ghost Tour


Well, we did another Ghost Tour last night. It was for my daughters birthday. It was cold. It rained. The umbrellas came out.

It was fun. The tour guide told my daughter and her two friends to knock on the morgue door and put their heads against the door to see if they can hear anything. Well they did and what happened?

All three of them ran so fast and my poor daughter fell in shock. As they knocked on the door, someone knocked back twice.

The tour guide had these metal rods and in another spot spoke to the spirits to let us know they with us. One lady held it and it moved and showed where they are standing. Suddenly my girlfriend grabs my arm.

So it was a good and fun night.

What did you do on your Saturday night?







Ghost Tours


It was rather funny last night I was talking to a girlfriend about my daughters 13th birthday which is next month. We were going through lots of options and my daughter yells “another ghost your mum”

Now we’ve been on a few already but friend … Well she’s scared and I had to sit there convincing her it will be fine. Poor thing … Anyway I had to tell her what happens on a your like this. I started telling her what happened to me on a few occasions.

I’ll give you an example ….

We were walking down the road in a group of 20 and stopped at this alleyway. I could smell lavender. The tour guide told us that 3 sisters lived in that area in the 1920’s. So she took us down this alley way with a dead end. As we were walking I felt fingers on my neck and couldn’t breathe. The tour guide was telling us one of the sisters strangled people and she was strangling me. I was struggling to breathe and my daughter was just looking at me. I tried to pull whatever was on my neck off. I couldn’t. The guide pulled me out of the alleyway and the ghost let go. It freaked me out. She also explained that the lavender smell was the sisters when they put it on there skin instead of washing.

On the same tour and at the end of the your we went into a morgue. There was dummies that looked like dead people with sheets over them. A few was hanging from the ceiling. So I was taking a few photos and suddenly felt someone grabbing my leg. I couldn’t get it off. I grabbed the guy next to me. Lol .. I looked at him and ran out of the morgue. About 5min later I went back in and stood by the door. The lights were dim and I found my daughter. As I was standing there I felt this hand on my arm. I looked around and no one was there. My arm was hurting. Later that night I had a hand print on my arm.

I have many more to tell but it will take to long. What have you done that’s scary but fun?

Pics below ….






Waiheke Island – New Zealand


Well as I told you before I’m was off to New Zealand. I’ve never been there, but boy it was gorgeous.

The Island we found had about 8,265 population … 2,000 are kids. The funny thing is we didn’t see the kids for 3 days. Then on the Monday morning I go to my sis, “oh kids!” We all laughed.

The thing about the 5 days was my sisters 50th birthday party when her husband and daughter surprised her. It was like “OMG!” I thought it was so sweet. They came for the one night only all the way from Sydney. We had a 1920’s theme and had a great night.

Now you tell me … What husband would do that? Well … He did 🙂

Tell me what your husband/partner/boyfriend did to surprise you?