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Train Travel


Yesterday morning I was getting into my car and guess what? It wouldn’t start. Urgh the nerve of it. Now I was doing a job on the other side of town. My daughter had to get to school. What now? I think we’ve been spoilt driving everywhere.

I had to run for the train .. 40min run/walk from home. My daughter had to take the bus. Got on the train and it was actually not that bad. People staring at you yes. Some looking grumpy. Some sleeping.

I rang my mechanic and he came to have a look at my car. What’s the problem you ask … The starter motor. Mmmmm I knew that. Lol

But you know what the best thing out of the whole day was ? Walking through the park in the city and stopping to take a few pictures.

What has been your best moment during the day?






What is creativity? It is defined as ‘the ability to cause something to exist’.

Did you know that with every thought that is expressed, something has been created. Question is ….. how do we express our thoughts? I would say through being verbal.  Writing something down.  We look at body language.

We can look at something and as a writer I can create a story out of anything.  For example … let’s say you sitting in a cafe.  You having a cup of coffee.

Could you create something from that cup you have in your hand?

Let’s try it …… Give me a paragraph ….

It is important to know that creativity is a part of us.  So we have to see if you do have this in you.  Don’t rush this.  Take your time and think about it.  Sometimes I get zero, but I will go away and come back later.

Sometimes the best ideas flow late at night when the house is quiet or early in the morning.  Mine usually rush in around 1-2am.  Early I hear you say, but it’s that way.

Now could you do this exercise 🙂