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Ok I have a writing challenge. I’ll start ….


Write a paragraph from this … A stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger.

“Honey, where’s my ring?” She asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe someone stole it,” he tells her.
A bit annoyed she walks out the room and into their bedroom. Looking up at the ceiling she starts screaming. Her husband comes running out of their bedroom worried. He sees her pointing frantically to the ceiling. Relieved he tells her “Damn woman it’s just a spider.”
She looks at him annoyed saying, “It’s a spider hey.”
Suddenly they hear a knock on the door. They look at each other not expecting anyone to visit. He walks over to the front door. Opens it to find a sinister looking stranger looking at him pointing a gun.  

“Ok you …. I’m coming in.” The man said looking around to see if anyone was around.
Waving the gun around he said again “I’m coming in.”
Scared you back away from the door and let the man in. The wife walks into the living room not knowing what is going on. She looks up and was about to scream when the man points the gun at her. Putting her hand to her mouth she lets out a small scream and looks at her husband. He looks down at himself and realize he has just wet himself out of fear.

He man keeps waving the gun around, he tells the wife to tie up her husband. She stands there in shock and cannot move.
He starts to yell, “Tie him up!”
‘I .. I can’t.” she starts to cry.
“If you don’t I will kill him.” He says pointing the gun at her husband.
Shaking she can’t move.
“NOW!” he screams.
Slowly she moves over to the chair her husband is sitting on. She finds a rope and ties him up slowly. Looking at him he whispers to her, “Not so tight, honey.”
Looking at the man she moves around her husband and ties him up, but leaves a bit of slack on the rope.

Satisfied he moves from one room to another to see what he can steal. He finally finds the wife’s jewelry box hidden at the back of her draw. He sees a few diamonds in the box and grabs it. Looking around a little more and throwing things around the room, he sees they a have a collection of valuable stamps collected over the years. Thinking he has made a good choice of coming here he puts it in his pockets and walks out of the bedroom feeling very confident.

As he walks out the room he feels this hard knock on his head. He looks around and sees this iron rod coming towards him. He can’t move …. He feels the rod touching him. He feels something warm dripping down his face. Looking up he sees the rod coming towards him once more when the wife grabbed her husband’s arm and yells,
Looking at her he sees the sadness in her eyes and lowers the rod.
“We need to get him out of here.” She says.
“No …. I want to wait till he wakes up.” The husband says.

An hour later the man wakes with ropes around his wrists and his head throbbing and bleeding. The husband walks over the man and grabs him by his neck and says,
“You set foot in this house again and come in here taking our things I will be the one pointing a gun at you.”
“And I will be the one shooting you on the spot with my own gun.” The wife says.
Looking at them the man nodded and suddenly there was a tear in his eye. He looked away and said, “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”