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Short Story Writing


What is it about writing? I love the fact that I can just jump into someone’s shoes while writing and by the end of the story realise I’ve created a character and a purpose for him or her.

Over the last few months I’ve written short stories and would like to know how to go about getting them out there? Do I sell them or just link them to my website for readers and followers to find it? I will be adding another page for that.

Please give you input and it will be greatly appreciated.


Have I disappeared


During the last few months I have been in hyphenation I guess ….. Why you ask?  Well I’m not really sure.

A lot have happened over the last weeks and I’m just getting myself at a stable pace.  Last year I lost my job.  I have started my own training business with the main topic Creative Writing and also started to write again.  So far I have written a few short stories and entered it into a few competitions.

I find that even though I have disappeared I have still been busy doing what I love and I hope you have to.  You see having all of you around to support me in what I do feels great and I appreciate it.  My main aim was twitter

Anyway …… I just wanted to hello and thanks again.  I will be around a lot more now 🙂

What have you been up to?



Happy #New #Year


I just wanted to take the time in wishing all of you a happy new year and hope 2014 brings you joy and happiness.

We all have aspirations and wishes for the new year and hope all come true.

How about you tell me yours ….

Mine is to continue with my writing, continue with my Creative Writing Workshops and most importantly take my daughter to Cape Town, South Africa to see where I come from and meet my family.




What is creativity? It is defined as ‘the ability to cause something to exist’.

Did you know that with every thought that is expressed, something has been created. Question is ….. how do we express our thoughts? I would say through being verbal.  Writing something down.  We look at body language.

We can look at something and as a writer I can create a story out of anything.  For example … let’s say you sitting in a cafe.  You having a cup of coffee.

Could you create something from that cup you have in your hand?

Let’s try it …… Give me a paragraph ….

It is important to know that creativity is a part of us.  So we have to see if you do have this in you.  Don’t rush this.  Take your time and think about it.  Sometimes I get zero, but I will go away and come back later.

Sometimes the best ideas flow late at night when the house is quiet or early in the morning.  Mine usually rush in around 1-2am.  Early I hear you say, but it’s that way.

Now could you do this exercise 🙂

Writing Competitions


Today I received an email from a website I am a member of advising a short story writing competition.

I was debating whether I should enter and wondered if my story or stories are worthy.  You know what I decided?

YES ….. they are.  I have put every effort into and why not let them see I am capable.  It’s like a musician learning to sing and finally they have to confidence to get out there and show everyone what they can do.

I am proud of what I can do and more.

Now I would like to ask you all who follow me:

1) Would you get involved in a little writing contest?

2) It will cost small fee and you will get a prize for it.

3) Once I get an answer …. I get it organised.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Buried Secrets


I have a link to my book.

This is a sample of my book and for purchase ….. http://askdavid.com/preview/5351

I have advertising with askdavid.com and they doing a great job.

It has been a great few months with my book being published.  Writing short stories, I will later add to my website


I am very happy and exited to be a part of your community.